ENGLEWOOD, CO (November 5, 2010) – Flings Bins Pop-Up Recycling Bins is a proud supporter of America Recycles Day sponsored by Keep America Beautiful (KAB). Flings Bins is providing free-standing Flings Pop-Up Recycling Bins to local coordinators for their community events on November 15, 2010. “America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to celebrate and support recycling programs in the United States,” explains Brenda Pulley, Director. “Communities across the country have come together on November 15 since 1997 to inform and educate neighbors, friends and community leaders of what can be accomplished when everyone works together to promote recycling efforts 365 days a year.”More than 2,500* local community-based events will be held November 15 this year. America Recycles Day activities include collection drives, educational presentations, employee awareness events, displays, tours contests and other recycling awareness activities.“We are extremely proud to be a part of this exciting national grass-roots event this year,” adds Vandy Van Wagener, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Flings. “Flings Pop-Up Recycle Bins were created to make recycling more accessible.  The compact, portable bins make it easy to recycle anytime, anywhere. Participating in America Recycles Day is the perfect fit for our initiative, “Flings Helps America Green-Up One Town at a Time” which reaches out to small towns across America to help them with their recycling efforts.”With a 13-gallon capacity, Flings Pop-Up Recycling Bins feature the universal recycling logo and provide easy storage as they fold flat and pop open in a snap. Filling one Flings Recycling bin keeps 60 cans or bottles from ending up in a landfill saving enough energy to power a television for 180 hours. Each free-standing bin features an easy-to-use drawstring allowing for easy recycling either at the curb or taken to a recycling center, or can be reused. The bins also are extra strong and leak-proof.Flings Bins are owned by TrashCo, Inc., a consumer products company dedicated to radically simplifying trash and recycling management for consumers. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, TrashCo is leading the way in materials and manufacturing processes that minimize the carbon footprint of its products. Its management team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs that identify unmet consumer needs and creatively craft improved sustainability into solutions that help change consumer trash and recycling habits.  HYPERLINK “http://www.flingsbins.com” www.flingsbins.comKeep America Beautiful is a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. With a national network of nearly 1,000 local affiliates and participating organizations, KAB combines education with hands-on stewardship to address the needs of communities on an intensely local and effective level.  HYPERLINK “http://www.kab.org” www.kab.org* Based on KAB 2009 event data: 2,500 registered events involving 6,700 organizations coordinated by 800 America Recycle Day event organizers.

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  1. “I absolutely LOVE your pop-up recycling containers! I bought two of them weeks ago and love them! I live in a small apartment on the second floor and your product makes it easy. It’s great to be able to have a decent sized recycle bin, but narrow enough for a small apartment kitchen.”

  2. “I had a family reunion over the 4th of July weekend, with 52 people attending. My flings were wonderful for keeping everything under control. Would highly recommend them.”

  3. “We are now keeping a Flings Bin in our kitchen as a visual reminder of how important it is to recycle. I love that even the kids are adding their cans to it instead of leaving them sit on the counter!”

  4. “I am so excited to report that the TX 4000 for Cancer kickoff event, ATLAS, was a huge success! We had a crew of 5 recycling volunteers who spearheaded our recycling effort with Flings in hand. The result was a small U-Haul trailer with a large event’s worth of recyclable materials and an almost empty large trash dumpster (I know this firsthand because I climbed the ladder to throw away the last couple items of the day after we were done cleaning up and it was almost empty!). Flings made recycling easy and very visible to our approximately 1000 guests!”

  5. “I can see us pulling [Flings] into the living room to throw wrapping paper in at our next birthday party – or on Christmas morning. Or it would be very easy to flatten it and take it with us if we do a party away from home.”

  6. “How many times have you had a party or cook out and wished you had something other than a large black trash bag or several shopping bags to place trash in? Well, here is your solution… Flings!”

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