ENGLEWOOD, CO (August 1, 2010)  Flings Pop-Up Trash and Recycling Bins has teamed up with nationally renowned event planner, Jeanne Benedict, to share green ideas while entertaining at home. There’s no reason to abandon environmentally-friendly practices for special occasions, Flings Bins has the tips that will keep your party green.Green Party Planning Tips from Jeanne Benedict and Flings Bins-Start off on the right foot by sending green invitations made of “plantable” paper. These invitations provide a great first impression and offer further enjoyment when planted in the ground as they contain flower seeds that will bloom in a backyard or a flower pot.-For décor, create a unique living centerpiece. Plant herbs or flowers in small recycled jars and group them in an arrangement in the middle of the dining room table. The individual plants can double as favors for guests when the party wraps!-For dinnerware use bamboo plates. These can be reused several times and are bio-gradable so they will not live in a landfill forever when thrown away.-Keep the theme in mind when shopping for the food. The local Farmers Market or Organic grocery store should have all your party fare essentials including organic wine and cheese!-Most importantly, don’t forget to recycle! Provide easy, convenient trash and recycling containers such as Flings Pop-Up Trash and Recycling Bins that encourage guests to separate trash and recycling items. The Flings Recycling Bins are clearly marked with the universal recycling symbol and hold up to 60 cans or bottles.For more information, visit www.FlingsBins.com and www.Facebook.com/FlingsBins. Available for purchase at select retailers and  www.FlingsBins.com for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $4.

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  1. “I am so excited to report that the TX 4000 for Cancer kickoff event, ATLAS, was a huge success! We had a crew of 5 recycling volunteers who spearheaded our recycling effort with Flings in hand. The result was a small U-Haul trailer with a large event’s worth of recyclable materials and an almost empty large trash dumpster (I know this firsthand because I climbed the ladder to throw away the last couple items of the day after we were done cleaning up and it was almost empty!). Flings made recycling easy and very visible to our approximately 1000 guests!”

  2. “We are now keeping a Flings Bin in our kitchen as a visual reminder of how important it is to recycle. I love that even the kids are adding their cans to it instead of leaving them sit on the counter!”

  3. “I had a family reunion over the 4th of July weekend, with 52 people attending. My flings were wonderful for keeping everything under control. Would highly recommend them.”

  4. “How many times have you had a party or cook out and wished you had something other than a large black trash bag or several shopping bags to place trash in? Well, here is your solution… Flings!”

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